Friday, August 13, 2010

Hello and Why

Well hello world!  I've wanted to set up a blog for the longest time.  I've blogged on myspace and facebook and kept a personal blog but somehow never took this step.  I assumed for a while that no one would really be interested in the trivialities of my life.  While that may be true for the majority of the world I know that family and friends are interested and if I post my feelings and concerns they sympathize and lift me up.  I know this because I have followed the blogs of a few friends and no matter how everyday and normal they may be, I am always interested.  So here's to hoping that they will be just as curious as me. 
As with anything in life, there are definitely reasons for setting up this blog.  Motivations other than simply sharing.  I certainly hope to accomplish something here.  In everything that I do I hope to glorify God.  I will admit now that I am far from perfect.  Far from an ideal example.  But I have maintained an unshakeable faith in the face of real tragedy.  Some of my blogs will be spiritually moving and hopefully help others to find an insight to the depth of God's faithfulness while other postings will show everyone just how imperfect and human I am. 
Soon I will post some older "blogs" which will give some background information.

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